A couple weeks ago, I decided to take a timeout and live my life like the masses do. I stopped working on improving myself, I discarded all my life-changing habits and lived purely in the comfort zone. I spent my days doing the bare minimum necessary to get by and succumbed to the daily drudgery of doing only what was expected of me and nothing more. I wasted my free time watching TV and playing video games. In short, I started sleep-walking through life. This lifestyle was so seductive that the one week I had planned to do this for stretched into two.

By taking a timeout I discovered many interesting things about myself. I discovered that I actually like (and missed) a lot of the self-improvement habits I’ve developed over the last 6 months. I like getting up early and reading first thing in the morning. I like eating healthy. I like reading personal development blogs. It seems that once you’ve taken the red pill there’s no going back.

I also found a few things that surprised me. First, TV really sucks these days. Sure, there’s a few shows I enjoy but most of the content is crap! And the news isn’t much better – full of sorrow and suffering. Second, some of the habits I’ve developed have become so ingrained that it’s actually harder not to do them now (I actually had to force myself to go back to sleep a few mornings). And finally, it turns out I still have a passion for technology. I thought I’d lost that somewhere along the way but not so.

All in all, this was a very worthwhile exercise and I highly recommend this for anyone who’s interested in making quantum leap improvements in their life. In addition to a renewed focus on taking my game to the next level, I’ve also found it necessary to rework my five-year plan to reflect the changes in my thinking. Even though I was making good progress before, experiencing the profound difference between a “normal” life and a life of growth has rekindled my passion for being the best I can be, living on the edge, and making a difference both in my life and the lives of those around me. How do you feel about your growth these days? Is it time for you to do a hard reset?

- Dave