Lately I’ve found myself looking back over the last year and wondering what, if anything, has changed. Sadly, it seems the answer is “not much”. I did a quick scan through my journal (which, coincidentally, I started just over a year ago) and then checked my previous blog posts and realized that I’m in almost exactly the same place I was last year at this time. It’s uncanny really. I’m having the same thoughts/feelings about my day job, I’m working on a tech side project and I’m looking at online business opportunities.

It occurred to me today that it would be easy to just say “I failed” and give up. Accept my mundane life and stop striving for anything better. But as anyone who’s read anything in the Personal Development sphere knows, that’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

So what is the right thing to do? Well, after a year of spinning my wheels, I know a whole bunch of things that don’t work. If I want to see different results, I need to do different things this time. Actually, that’s not quite correct. What I really need is to do things differently

I think I was on the right track last year. And don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t really a wasted year since I did learn a lot. I also have another child who brings me insane amounts of joy and on the health side, I’m now lighter than I’ve been in 25 years (my entire adult life and then some). Still, I think things could be better. Should be better.

Hmmm, I had this post mostly written in my head earlier in the day but now I seem to have lost most of it. At least the good parts. All that’s left is some vague ramblings and a quasi pity party. Ah well, I’m going to post this anyway because the one thing I do remember is that the biggest thing I need to do differently is to take action! I’ve become really bad for thinking things to death and trying to plan for every possible problem along the way. That doesn’t work. In fact, the areas of my life where I have experienced growth are the areas where I took action instead of “planning” (which is really just procrastinating once you have the basic plan sketched out).

So, stay tuned for more thoughts. After all, taking action includes posting regularly (at least for me it does). If you’re at all interested in the tech work I do, head on over to my tech blog and if you’re interested in online business opportunities such as internet/affiliate marketing and info product creation/sales, you can check out my newly created onlinebiz blog.

- Dave