Busy Freeway

Image courtesy of a454 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Many people dream of a life filled with success. Of having all their needs met with extra leftover. Of doing what they want, when they want. Of being all that they can be. Of reaching and exceeding their potential.

The personal development scene has an abundance of examples demonstrating how someone overcame great adversity and became wildly successful. Almost every book begins with something like “I was broke and alone in my bachelor apartment crying into my bowl of instant noodles wondering if I’d even see tomorrow.” These scenarios make for great stories. And I applaud those who have succeeded after falling hard!

But what about the rest of us? What about those of us that bought into societies’ promise of a good life if we go to school, get a job, start a family and work hard for a few decades? How come this promise leads us to a life of mediocrity instead of the success we so desire?

Sure, we may have some degree of success. We may be moderately happy with our circumstances. But more often than not, we long for more. We sense in our soul that we were made for greatness and we’re just not doing it!

The motivational best-sellers are full of advice on how to reach our goals. How to push past the hard parts and get it done. I have read many of these books and I’m sure I’ll read many more as they do help. But as I read, I find myself wondering if the only road to success starts with a catastrophic failure. Do you have to risk losing it all to find the inner fire that drives you to succeed despite the odds?

I believe there is another way. A path to success that can be taken without risking everything. Without endangering my family or throwing away all I’ve accomplished so far. I intend to find this path, walk this path and reveal this path to everyone who wants the same thing.

Stay tuned, the journey begins…

- Dave